n.1.(Chem.) A gelatin dynamite in which the dope is composed largely of sodium nitrate.
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3] package [35] and atomic based with adjusted basis set Newton-Raphson (ABNR) approach of Forcite package [36], DNP atomic basis sets were used in RPBE approach of [DMol.
Named Forcite, his helmet includes a "heads-up" display that shows critical information in front of the wearer's eyes, delivers turn-by-turn GPS by voice, and links to the automatic number-plate recognition system used by police, which identifies vehicle registration details and checks if there are any infringements.
Molecular dynamics using a force field simulation program called Forcite from San Diego-based Accelrys Inc.
Through scripting, scientists and engineers can create complex workflows that access and manipulate multiple aspects of the Materials Visualizer, the key Materials Studio product, and Forcite Plus, an energy calculation tool.
In Forcite geometry optimizations, the convergence criteria were chosen to be [10.
Forcite Plus is an advanced molecular simulation tool for materials ranging from simple molecules, via two-dimensional surfaces, to three-dimensional periodic structures such as crystals.
He joined Forcite in 1991 as a sales representative and was named a sales manager and field sales manager before becoming a senior sales manager.