Fore body

(Shipbuilding) the part of a ship forward of the largest cross-section, distinguished from middle body and after body.

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Three different inlet models varying the number of ramps in the fore body section such as three ramps, two ramps and a single ramp models are designed.
* Sizing method can be helpful for generating fine meshes along the edges of the fore body and cowl.
Relatively small trematodes, body smooth, flattened with narrow fore body and broader hind body.
The present specimens are included in the genus Decemtestis Yamaguti, 1934 as these are small trematodes with lanceolate body, unarmed, hind body with slightly crenulated lateral margins, oral sucker sub-terminal, medium sized, oesophagus bifurcating at about middle of fore body, caeca terminating near posterior extremity, testes 10 in number, in two more or less irregular longitudinal rows in posterior half of the body, cirrus pouch elongate, extending over acetabulum slightly overlapping the anterior border, enclosing the winding seminal vesicle, genital pore sub median, ovary immediately pre-testicular, uterus coiled between testes and acetabulum.
He empathically explores the contested transactions of Fore body parts and meticulously tracks the consignments of specimens to the laboratories of global medicine.
Unusually, Starstreak has three laser guided sub-munitions, or darts, mounted on the fore body of a two-stage solid rocket motor, giving it a distinct appearance.
Vitelline tubules are coiled, 7, radiating posteriorly, far anterior to ecsoma then extending forward in the fore body joining the hermaphroditic duct.