Fore end

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The end which precedes; the earlier, or the nearer, part; the beginning.

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I peer from the fore end of the engine-room over the hatch-coamings into the coach.
I came out again on the quarter- deck, agreeably at ease in my sleeping suit on that warm breathless night, barefooted, a glowing cigar in my teeth, and, going forward, I was met by the profound silence of the fore end of the ship.
Tenders are invited for Stock Fore End To Drg.No.Tsp 501 (Dc/Rfi/No.08C/079/10)For 30 06 Sporting Rifle.
Reading Gun Crank Diaries (May/ June, 2018), I was drawn to the .22 auto-loading rifle John Browning was fondling, and what caught my eye was the small splinter fore end. I had one just like it in Rhodesia with the small fore end, and until I saw this picture, it is the only other one I have ever seen with the splinter fore end.
However, because of the wooden fore end, two gas exhaust tubes are used.
Did you know what there is of the gas system in an 1100 lives inside the fore end and that the shortest barrel ever offered by Remington for the 1100 was 22" from breech to muzzle?
Sometimes, however, it's necessary to put the fore end in a padded bench-vise, with the buttstock resting on the bench, and use your arm as a lever under the barrel to lift the barreled action loose.
The ship broke in two near the tiny island of Calvay and the contract to scrap the fore end was awarded to the West of Scotland Shipbreaking Company in 1942.
Tenders are invited for Stock fore end as per drg no 29p 0033 str2 required for sporting rifle
The all-black barrels and action along with its camo stock and fore end keeps it hidden from peering avian eyes, and sling studs make for hands free carrying.
As I am about to say, the High Wall receiver isn't higher than the Low Wall receiver either but there can be a difference in receiver thickness and how it joins up with the fore end wood.
thumbhole and palm swell grip and an elegant Schnabel fore end. The Master Hunter Extreme also comes with a black composite field stock with thumbhole.