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intr.v. fore·checked, fore·check·ing, fore·checks
To check an ice-hockey opponent in the opponent's own defensive zone.

fore′check′er n.
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(ˈfɔːˌtʃɛk) ice hockey
(Hockey (Field & Ice)) the act of gaining control of the puck while at the opponents' end of the rink
vb (intr)
(Hockey (Field & Ice)) to try to gain control of the puck while at the opponents' end of the rink
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Some impressive forechecking by Joey Haddad and Jake Morissette led to the opening goal with Morissette finding Ulmer in front of the net to beat Travis Fullerton at 27:52.
Including tips and 10 key strategies for winning face-offs, "Hockey Plays and Strategies" offers detailed instructions for specific skills, techniques, position responsibilities, and team player requirements will help you learn optimal execution of the following: Breakouts; Attack options; Offensive zone strategies; Forechecking systems; Backchecking alignments; Neutral zone forechecking tactics; Power-play breakouts and zone setups; Penalty kill forecheck and zone alignment; Faceoff plays for each zone; Game management strategies.
After all, there's not a lot of size when Kane (5-feet-9, 177 pounds), DeBrincat (5-7, 165) and Schmaltz (6-0, 177) are retreating or forechecking. It could be, but Quenneville didn't agree when asked Tuesday.
Then they look at the defensive plays forechecking, neutral zone forechecking, backchecking, defensive zone entries, defensive zone coverage, and penalty kills.
Brickley's forechecking and net-front presence earned him a spot on the second line earlier this season.
"I'm happy with the forechecking. That's something we haven't been able to do.
"For two periods we were playing really good hockey - forechecking, hassling and doing everything we should be doing," Ward said.
"Speed kills and if you keep the puck and have the speed to skate yourselves out of trouble, it makes it much harder for the opposition to play that forechecking game.
Excess testosterone not only increases aggression (note that most NHL coaches have a policy of harder forechecking at home), but it also has a reliable, dose-dependent effect on leg power and overall muscle strength.
At 53:38 George Awada did bang home the second goal after terrific forechecking by Jeff Hutchins and Shawn Skiehar, but try as they might, and they did give it their best effort, the Giants came up short denied in the end by Blaze netminder Trevor Koenig, who was the star of the show.
"They're always in forechecking and moving the puck around.
Joey Martin put the Devils in front for the first time when he scored short-handed at 26:04 after some nice forechecking by Sean Bentivoglio, but less than two minutes later the Stars tied the game up when Lukas Lundvald Nielsen tipped in a shot from Dow to make it 3-3.