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 (gī′jēn′, -jĭn′)
n. pl. gaijin
A non-Japanese person.

[Japanese : gai, outside, foreign (from Middle Chinese ŋuaj`) + jin, person; see jinriksha.]


n, pl -jin
(Languages) (in Japan) a foreigner
[C20: Japanese, a contraction of gaikoku-jin, from gaikoku foreign country + jin person]


(ˈgaɪ dʒin; Eng. ˈgaɪ dʒɪn)

n., pl. -jin (-dʒin; Eng. -dʒɪn)
Japanese. an outsider; foreigner.
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Surprisingly, not many foreigners in Japan drive, or even entertain the idea of car ownership.
A Tokyo-based nongovernmental organization said Wednesday it submitted to the Justice Ministry an investigative report documenting 22 cases of discrimination against foreigners in Japan.
There is only a small number of legal foreigners in Japan.
Shintaro Ishihara said in a statement late Wednesday that ''sangokujin'' was an ''inappropriate word'' prone to cause misunderstanding and reiterated that he regrets having offended foreigners in Japan by using the term.
Since the process of finding a home in a foreign country can be highly emotional and unsettling, an industry within an industry is finding and selecting real estate for foreigners in Japan.