adv.1.In the foremost place or order; among the foremost.
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This foremostly involves the ability to manage the entire construct in a smooth and efficient manner according to internationally acknowledged principles of operational economics, to utilizse all of its components, hence maximising capitalisation on assets.
Firstly, and foremostly, there is the opportunity to contribute to a very worthwhile charity.
The role of ZSR should not be to build container terminals but rather, and foremostly, building the basic infrastructure and its maintenance in operational state," Rastislav Cenky of the non-governmental Institute for Transport and Economy said, as cited by Sme.
In addition to the protests, the summit is expected to deal with some thorny issues, foremostly North Korea, which first successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile last Tuesday is likely to overshadow all other trade and diplomatic discussions.
The European canon of constitutionality is in particular said to be made up of fundamental rights, originally as derived from the constitutional traditions common to Member States, now as foremostly enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights; this canon is said to be specifically defined by the relevance of the "four" economic freedoms and the principle of undistorted competition, as affirmed in the founding Treaties of the European Communities, which can (and regularly are) depicted as fundamental rights (although not very frequently it is added that economic freedoms are the operationalization of the right to private property and entrepreneurial freedom).
Foremostly, this ratification signifies national resolve, as a responsible and confident nuclear power, towards security of nuclear material and facilities inside its territory.
27) Corporate organizations operate, and are governed, by a mixture of mandatory rules, contractual undertakings, fiduciary obligations, and foremostly through highly fluid governance mechanisms that link officers, directors, and residual claimants.
The international public firstly and foremostly hails Blixen as the author of Out of Africa, which was catapulted into global fame by director Sydney Pollack's seven Academy Award winning film of 1985 with the same name.
They were unlucky to only get a draw at Arsenal last weekend so we will have to be straight back up for it this afternoon and stop them from causing us problems, firstly and foremostly.
But Sakra Boccata, foremostly, describes a plural-tongued invocation, a prismatic orison to the "amber goddess" that signifies nothing obtusely specific, and yet, in its aural repletion, sets into motion an ecstatic androgynous lyric that celebrates the "primordiac flesh" of She, "Mother of all mortals," who "appear[s] even on Chicago walls" in a splendid shattered moonlight that effaces crude solar distinctions and the worn semantics of the everyday.
Many current rivals to Gallup exist, foremostly perhaps Pew for individual surveys and Real Clear Politics for aggregations of these surveys.
Presenter Gary Robertson (GR): deal with this central position and foremostly, what are start-up costs for an Independent Scotland?