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(Judaism) chiefly New Testament the state of being uncircumcised
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(ˌʌn sɜr kəmˈsɪʒ ən)

1. the condition of being uncircumcised.
2. people who are not circumcised.
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In 1988, at age 32, I embarked on my personal foreskin restoration efforts after watching an episode of the Phil Donahue show when Phil interviewed Marilyn Milos along with Richard Steiner, who talked about his surgical foreskin restoration.
Foreskin restoration is an attempt to "restore" a pseudo-prepuce through surgical or other means (Earp, 2015).
Melbourne, Oct 09 ( ANI ): Many men, who were circumcised at an early age or have to undergo the procedure later in life for health reasons, have formed online communities to discuss methods of 'foreskin restoration'.
The ideal prepuce in ancient Greece and Rome: Male genital aesthetics and their relation to lipodermos, circumcision, foreskin restoration, and the kynodesme.
On one forum devoted to foreskin restoration, a man describes how, only a week earlier, the scope of his loss had hit him, waylaying him with "resentment, grief and anger" that leaves him in tears.
Foreskin restoration is tougher than building the pyramids.
Decircumcision: Foreskin restoration methods & circumcision practices.
* A man had a surprisingly frank conversation with me about foreskin restoration. He was unhappy about being circumcised and hopeful about the prospect of restoration.
After the street theater and parade, the volunteers and actors staffed a booth giving advice on foreskin restoration. We have done this before, and it seems a really good hook, being both novel--and provocative--to most people.
One young woman mentioned that her husband is currently undergoing foreskin restoration. Another woman mentioned that she was amazed how much better the sex was the first time she had it with an intact man.
They were Marilyn Milos, Steve Brown, Kirsten Barquist, Jonathan Conte, Sophia Williams and Frank McGinniss (who spoke a bit on foreskin restoration).
Conversations with visitors covered a gamut of topics including foreskin benefits, foreskin restoration, HIV, complications, books, and the comic book about "Foreskin Man" that MGMBill.