Forest laws

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laws for the protection of game, preservation of timber, etc., in forests.
- Thomson.

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The Hermit, in return, expresses his apprehension that his guest means to drag him into some confession of offence against the forest laws, which, being betrayed to the King, might cost him his life.
Gilpin, in his account of the forest borderers of England, says that "the encroachments of trespassers, and the houses and fences thus raised on the borders of the forest," were "considered as great nuisances by the old forest law, and were severely punished under the name of purprestures, as tending ad terrorem ferarum -- ad nocumentum forestae, etc.," to the frightening of the game and the detriment of the forest.
'Under the forest laws, the local community is bound to assist the forest department while extinguishing the fire whereas the situation is other way around as they merely behave as spectators during the incident.
The Ghanaian team appeared on the Forest Hour, a radio advocacy platform and shared their perspectives on forest governance as it relates to process leading to acquiring forest contract; compliance to legal agreements by contract holders, performance of forest contract and benefit sharing mechanisms, penalty for violations of forest laws and other legal agreements, level of community involvement in managing forest contracts, and Independent Forest Management to ensure accountability and transparency in forest contract management, among others.
All of the countries have forest laws and policy statements in place.
'Under forest laws there is no permission of cutting down these trees,' Mr Kakar said, adding these trees were planted in 1970 after its saplings were brought from Iran.
He requested the legislators to promote meaningful debate in respective provincial assemblies to affect the required changes to the provincial forest laws.
According to Haribon, current forest laws only address problems of extraction rather than forest conservation and protection.
So, (you need to explain) why your family should not be believed to be collectively involved in carrying out unauthorised construction and violation of forest laws, the notice said.
He further said organizing such functions would help enhancing knowledge on forest laws and policies, and create momentum for change in the forest sector by ensuring that it encourages and support evidence based discussions and promote sensitization, lobbying, negotiation, dialogue and debates on forest matters.
Wakanyi's team recommended both short- and long-term measures, including review of forest laws, overhaul of KFS governance, suspension of the shamba system and other projects.

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