Forficula auricularia

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Noun1.Forficula auricularia - sometimes destructive to cultivated bulbsForficula auricularia - sometimes destructive to cultivated bulbs
earwig - any of numerous insects of the order Dermaptera having elongate bodies and slender many-jointed antennae and a pair of large pincers at the rear of the abdomen
Forficula, genus Forficula - type genus of Forficulidae
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Each of the smaller arthropods like flies Diptera, hymenopterans Hymenoptera, earwigs Forficula auricularia and earthworms Lumbricidae made up less than 1% and comprise together 5.4% in the group "other taxa".
Susceptibility of the European earwig, Forficula auricularia, to insecticide residues on apple leaves.
(36.3876S 148.4270E, 1735 m ASL) 3 Mar 2010 on Poa spp., Striped Field Slug Lehmannia nyctelia Bourguignat (Limacidae) from NSW (35.8003S 148.6761E, 1213 m ASL) on Kangaroo Grass Themeda triandra (R.Br.) Stapf grassland 1 Mar 2011 and an European Earwig Forficula auricularia L.
Female choice and manipulations of forceps size and symmetry in the earwig Forficula auricularia L.
(26), Armadillidium nasatum (25), Oxychillus cellarium (22), Haplotrema vancouverense (20), Forficula auricularia (18), Oxychillus draparnaudi (17), Dolichoderus taschenbegi (15), Componotus pennsylvanicus (14), Ischyropalpus fuscus (14), Hippasa partita (12) and Microtermes obesi (12) were the most prominent species from the entire collection among low input and high input fields.
A New Interpretation of the Sex Oetermining Mechanism of the European Earwig, Forficula auricularia. Experientia 26: 1387-1389.
Etimologia: Del vago parecido del alargado cuerpo de las hembras con el de algunos dermapteros, como Forficula auricularia, al estar armado con largas espinas caudales (aun teniendo una excedentaria central).
Five values were excluded from subsequent calculations: one earwig sample (Forficula auricularia) from site 1 in April, one spider captured on site 2 in July (Harpactea sp.), two slug species (Limacidae) captured on site 3 in July, and one isopod sample (Porcellio laevis) captured on site 2 in October.
In one of several experiments in their study of forceps (cerci) size and symmetry in earwigs (Forficula auricularia) Radesater and Halldorsdottir (1993) placed "two male earwigs (matched for size and cerci length but one with symmetrical, one with asymmetrical cerci) .
The European earwig Forficula auricularia is a minor component of the European soil fauna that exhibits a marked degree of population differentiation in life-history characters, particularly in reproductive strategies.