n.1.(Zool.) A European fish (Raniceps raninus), having a large flat head; - also called tadpole fish, and lesser forked beard.
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One of the victims was reportedly the sister of King Sweyn Forkbeard of Denmark, who launched repeated avenging invasions of England over the next decade, conquering it just before his death: his son Cnut (Canute) became king in 1016.
61) These species include grey mullets, sea bass, and sea breams which live along the coast; red mullets, poor cod, and sole which live along the upper zone of the continental shelf; Norway lobster and flat fishes which live along the continental shelf; and blue whiting and greater forkbeard which live in deep waters.
For it was on February 10, 1014, that viking warlord Sweyn Forkbeard, said to have been the founder of Swansea and former king of Denmark and England, died.
Yes, past the Millennium Stadium to come slid the dragon-prowed ships packed with "Black Pagans", fearsome warriors like Eric Bloodaxe and Svein Forkbeard.
TACs remained the same or dropped for red sea bream and remained the same as in 2012 for greater forkbeard (all zones).
MORGAN Parry, the 13-year-old Sunderland angler who landed an unusual species for the North East - a 2lb 12oz Greater Forkbeard - is now the official British record holder.
When verified, the fish will certainly be a British record, and is certainly a North East record, as I don't have a single shore-caught greater forkbeard recorded.
I Scream Van Of Horror comes from Forkbeard Fantasy and they say ice creams are available from staff as are I Screams as the van itself delivers a fine array of surprise and shocks.
They were on the theme of the environment and included the famous and funny Carbon Weevils film from Forkbeard Fantasy - an in-depth examination of the life cycle of a strange, oddly familiar species known as the Carbon Weevil.