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v. t.1.To give up; to leave; to abandon.
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35) Pa midpyssere bene beseah heo to daere stowe daer heo paet cild aer forlet, and gemette hit swa slapende swa heo hit aer gelede
Gesweotula nu purh searocreft pin sylfes weorc, Sodfest, sigorbeorth, ond sona forlet Weall wid wealle.
Paer wearp Oddan bearn aerest on fleame, Godric fram guoe, and pone godan forlet pe him manigne oft mearh gesealde; he gehleop pone eoh pe ahte his hlaford, on pam ger.
23) 7 waes forleten l gelefed here astag in mor he ane to biddanne (Li) 7 pa forlet para mengu astag on dune ane him gebiddan (Ru1) 7 pa he hig forlaeten haefde he eode on pone munt 7 hyne paer ana gebaed (WSCp) 'and when he had left them he went up on the hill and there prayed all by himself' 27) potestis bibere calicem quem ego bibiturus sum (Mt 20.
13) se dang da ongann gefara vel gebege & geneolecdon da tuoelfo cuoedon him forlet da\nhergas layette geeadon in da ceastra & londo dade ymb sint\nofcerdon daette hia gemoeton metto fordon her in stowe woestig woe\nsindon [Li Lk].