Formal cause

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the elements of a conception which make the conception or the thing conceived to be what it is; or the idea viewed as a formative principle and coöperating with the matter.
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The formal cause of death is expected to be established through a post mortem, likely to take place in the coming days.
The formal cause of death is expected to be established through a post-mortem examination, likely to take place in the coming days.
Even though a formal cause of sainthood has not been opened for Teilhard, the widespread respect accorded him as a spiritual teacher seems to us to justify an exception to custom being made in his case as well, for designation as a doctor.
In turning Aristotle's conceptual assemblage toward the study of media, present-day media ecologists, especially those with Platonic inclinations, have betrayed the tendency to commit Platonism by conflating formal cause with Platonic form or model.
The coroner's office is yet to release a formal cause of death.
His life was marked with heroic virtues, and protecting Japanese Christians against persecution, according to the formal cause of his beatification.
Durham Constabulary say a formal cause of death has not yet been established and the coroner for Cleveland has been informed.
Among specific topics are beyond moral twin Earth: beyond Indology, the scope for wisdom: early Buddhism on reasons and persons, Pata[+ or -]jali's yoga: universal ethics as the formal cause of autonomy, mindfulness and moral transformation: awakening to others in Santideva's ethics, the ethics of M.
It is thought he may have been taken ill at the wheel but a post mortem examination will be carried out to determine a formal cause of death.
Although the formal cause of death will be confirmed by the coroner at a later date, police have issued a warning to others of the dangers of buying substances online.
While a post-mortem examination is to take place to try to determine a formal cause of death, police are also investigating an assault on Mr Hall which happened 11 days ago.
A formal cause of the collapse has not been made yet by investigators, said police.

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