Formed material

(Biol.) a term employed by Beale to denote the lifeless matter of a cell, that which is physiologically dead, in distinction from the truly germinal or living matter.

See also: Formed

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The major hurdle has been harnessing the high temperatures necessary to melt glass without damaging the 3-D printer itself or interfering with the already formed portion of the printed product --Too hot and the added material could melt what's already been formed, too cold and the and the new material may not properly adhere to the formed material.
This fact is making possible three different ways to disperse the powders--into a component, into the other, or in the pre-polymer mixture--leading to different properties of formed material.
Instead, Jacak and colleagues detected photons--packets of light--as they moved away from the newly formed material, to see how hot the material was.
The system also improved control over the forming process, with variations in the thickness of formed material now being reduced to just a few microns which has allowed Anson to reduce the wall thickness without any reduction in top-load strength.
The flexural modulus of the formed material was just 8% lower than that of the unformed sheet, while the tensile modulus was about 25% lower.
In this case and with the mentioned forming technique is possible to "place" a certain property inside the material almost without changing the mechanical parameters of the formed material. It is also possible to design the fabric in order to achieve a certain property.
Dieffenbacher's new "GMT Problem Definer" calculates three process values for each cycle: total molding-energy input, average thickness of the formed material, and parallelism and force differentials at the four corners of the press.
For this study ten materials were formed in order to point out the influence of reinforcements on final properties of formed materials. For each formed material the reinforcement consist in eight sheets of fabric but they are different through order and orientation.
However, in Hamilton's bolder works, her themes--music, the gendered body in fragments, an unprecedented mix of found and formed materials, as well as purely sculptural investigations into texture and equilibrium--result in an uncommonly delicate picture of late modernism.
The systems are capable of treating all types of extruded, pultruded, molded, and formed materials, reports the company.