n.1.(O. Eng. Law) A writ of right for a tenant in tail in case of a discontinuance of the estate tail. This writ has been abolished.
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The only concrete development from the day's work appeared to be Kotzias announcing the setting up of a workgroup to discuss security issues, and expressing hope that a second workgroup would be formedon Wednesdayregarding the withdrawal of troops from Cyprus.
(163) At King and Queen in September 1792, however, the plaintiff in Tucker's court, instead of bringing detinue, sued out a writ of "formedon in the descender," one of the ancient real actions, to recover "eleven slaves, annexed to certain Lands in tail." (164) The defendant's lawyer, who perhaps had never encountered such a writ, pleaded "non detinet," the general issue in detinue.
De Donis, recognizing that |it seemed very hard, and yet seemeth, to the Givers and their Heirs that their Will being expressed in the Gift, was not heretofore, nor yet is observed' (Statutes of the Realm, i.71), offered those who had been disadvantaged by the breaking of an entail a legal remedy (known as a writ of formedon) which made the buying or selling of entailed estates a very much more risky business.