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The anionic univalent CHO2 group derived from formic acid, or a compound containing this group.


(Chemistry) any salt or ester of formic acid containing the ion HCOO or the group HCOO–
[C19: from form(ic) + -ate1]


(ˈfɔr meɪt)

a salt or ester of formic acid.
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Organic salts such as benzyl triethylammonium chloride (BTEAC) and pyridinium formiate (21), (22) could enhance the charge strength and thus affect the final structure of electrospun fibers, in addition to some inorganic salts such as NaCI, KBr, and LiCI (23-25).
Filtered cells were washed with 25 mL of ammonium formiate (3%), to remove salt precipitates, and dried at 60[degrees]C for 8 hto achieve a constant weight in a convection stove.
Standard solutions of glucose, lactate, acetate and propionate, formiate and citrate were included in the analysis.
In situ FTIR study of the adsorption of formaldehyde, formic acid, and methyl formiate at the surface of Ti[O.
Intravenous quinine formiate (loading dose 17 mg/ kg) was administered, followed by a maintenance dose (8.