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See Taiwan.


(Placename) the former name of Taiwan


(fɔrˈmoʊ sə)

the former name of Taiwan.
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Noun1.Formosa - an island in southeastern Asia 100 miles off the coast of mainland China in the South China SeaFormosa - an island in southeastern Asia 100 miles off the coast of mainland China in the South China Sea
South China Sea - a tropical arm of the Pacific Ocean near southeastern Asia subject to frequent typhoons
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Now, from the South and West the Pequod was drawing nigh to Formosa and the Bashee Isles, between which lies one of the tropical outlets from the China waters into the Pacific.
towards the island of Formosa, as much afraid of being seen by a Dutch or English merchant ship as a Dutch or English merchant ship in the Mediterranean is of an Algerine man- of-war.
as if we would go to the Manillas or the Philippine Islands; and this we did that we might not fall into the way of any of the European ships; and then we steered north, till we came to the latitude of 22 degrees 30 seconds, by which means we made the island of Formosa directly, where we came to an anchor, in order to get water and fresh provisions, which the people there, who are very courteous in their manners, supplied us with willingly, and dealt very fairly and punctually with us in all their agreements and bargains.
The Tankadere entered the Straits of Fo-Kien, which separate the island of Formosa from the Chinese coast, in the small hours of the night, and crossed the Tropic of Cancer.
1922, and in seven bloody months Manchuria, Korea, and Formosa were taken away from her and she was hurled back, bankrupt, to stifle in her tiny, crowded islands.
A cross swell had set in from the direction of Formosa Channel about ten o'clock, without disturbing these passengers much, because the Nan-Shan, with her flat bottom, rolling chocks on bilges, and great breadth of beam, had the reputation of an exceptionally steady ship in a sea-way.
With the move, Formosa Petrochemical's gas and diesel prices will go down by NT$0.
Formosa TV, a Taiwanese free-to-air (FTA) broadcaster, operates four TV channels in New Taipei City, Taiwan, and has been a user of Vitec Group's products for several years.
Global Banking News-January 12, 2017--National Bank of Abu Dhabi issues USD885m Formosa bond
Rosie and Ruby Formosa, who were born joined at the abdomen and shared part of the intestine, needed an emergency operation to separate them when they were born in 2012.
d the girls ce of dy Their parents, Angela and Daniel Formosa, were told had a low chance survival when medics discovered they were conjoined.