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 (fôr-to͞o′nə, -tyo͞o′-)
n. Roman Mythology
The goddess of fortune.

[Latin Fortūna; see bher- in Indo-European roots.]


(Classical Myth & Legend) the Roman goddess of fortune and good luck. Greek counterpart: Tyche
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Noun1.Fortuna - (Roman mythology) the goddess of fortune and good luckFortuna - (Roman mythology) the goddess of fortune and good luck; counterpart of Greek Tyche
Roman mythology - the mythology of the ancient Romans
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June's solstice coincided with another Roman red-letter day, an occasion dedicated to Fors Fortuna, the spirit of chance and fortune, but there is no evidence to indicate the Romans timed this celebration according to the Sun's farthest reach.
Fortuna was sometimes referred to as Fors Fortuna, combining Fors, the male symbol of chance, and Fortuna, the female symbol, originally separate but later regarded as one entity with both male and female aspects.