Fort Pulaski

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Fort′ Pulas′ki

a fort in E Georgia, at the mouth of the Savannah River: captured by Union forces in 1862; now a national monument.
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The answer has to do with fort's unique construction; it was an earthwork fort instead of the brick and mortar fort such as Fort Sumter and Fort Pulaski, both of which were bombarded and surrendered.
In 1861, more than two weeks before Georgia seceded from the Union, the state militia seized Fort Pulaski at the order of Gov.
Fort Pulaski National Monument Savannah, (912) 786-5787.
Fort Pulaski on the Savannah River in Georgia, Fort Totten in New York and Fort Jackson on the Mississippi were just some of the forts strengthened or built during this time.
Georgia state troops occupied Fort Pulaski in January 1861.
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