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n.1.A little fort; a fortlet.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Lammeter had a pretty fortin, didn't they say, when he come into these parts?"
But to think of a niece o' mine being cause o' my husband's being turned out of his farm, and me brought him no fortin but my savin's "
And here you've got two children to provide for, and your husband's spent your fortin i' going to law, and's likely to spend his own too.
Fortin started in the trenchless business about 12 years ago, hoping to complement his utility installation division and provide trenchless work to existing customers like Nevada Power.
Ontario Rubber Group, plant tour, Airboss, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, Suzanne Fortin (519) 576-5565--October 19.
Jack Fortin, executive director of Centered Life--Centered Work, a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America's Luther Seminary in Minneapolis, addressed the synod.
FORTIN WAS A PRIEST in the Assumptionist order who taught for many years at Assumption College and Boston College.
Even though we see him living through events that we know Valjean experiences in Hugo's novel, this character is one Henri Fortin pere.
TORONTO A union fears pubcaster CBC's French-lingo television division could become less Gallic after its Francophone topper Michele Fortin ankled late last month.
Ray Fortin of Vermont used railroad ties to build his wife a raised flowerbed 32 inches high and 80 feet long.
"Kelso is a jobsite dog all the way," says Joe Fortin, owner of Casa Verde Custom Homes--the builder on this project.
History questions--are moderated by Suzanne Fortin. Suzanne lives in Ontario and has a B.A.