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n.1.Casual choice; fortuitous selection; hazard.
No mode of election operating in the spirit of fortition or rotation can be generally good.
- Burke.
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The devoicing of final voiced plosives in German is a process of fortition.
He looks in turn at accent and vowels: plene versus non-plene spelling, accent and consonants: lenition and fortition, and accent and clauses: clitics and metrics.
The development of stop gradation can be viewed either as a process of fortition or a process of lenition.
Evidence for a VSE-based explanation comes from a synchronic process of fortition that affects syllable-initial coronal glides.
Native language interference and the syllable structure in English: fortition and lenition processes".
The specific historical changes are either through lenition (as assumed by most scholars) or fortition (Gordon 1998).
Section 5 discusses s-Fortition, a process by which the expected lenition of s to h is replaced by a fortition of s to t in environments very similar to those of Coronal Blocking.
Two possibilities for these cues are explored: acoustic evidence for consonant fortition and phonological evidence from lexicon search.
4), case studies on ATR harmony and Spanish lenition and fortition and nasal assimilation in Lumasaaba (Section 4.
Third, we show how our analysis of assibilations is superior to the one proposed by Kirchner (1998), who attempts to capture this process with a fortition constraint.
Following Stampe (1979), Nathan (1996: 116- 117) has argued that fortitions are processes which select among all possible human sounds those which constitute the phonemes of a particular language and which define prototype effects for language sounds.