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n.1.Casual choice; fortuitous selection; hazard.
No mode of election operating in the spirit of fortition or rotation can be generally good.
- Burke.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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waga 'prow of canoe.' This is phonetically [wak:a] due to fortition and lengthening of intervocalic stops common in Pama-Nyungan languages.
Three shorter supplementary chapters follow: chapter 6 discusses what may be inferred about Hittite accent from the effects of prehistoric lenition and fortition of consonants; chapters 7 and 8 treat aspects of accent at the clause level as reflected in the behavior of clitics and in poetic meter.
The occurrence of such features is studied in detail under the category of Phonology under lenition, which includes the softening of a consonant, or fortition, and the hardening of a consonant.
His reasons for doing so are a small set of shared lexical innovations in Rejang-Sajau, and the presence of glide fortition in Rejang-Bintulu (both of which are shown to be insignificant for subgrouping in Smith 2017a).
The devoicing of final voiced plosives in German is a process of fortition.
He looks in turn at accent and vowels: plene versus non-plene spelling, accent and consonants: lenition and fortition, and accent and clauses: clitics and metrics.
The development of stop gradation can be viewed either as a process of fortition or a process of lenition.
The treatment of phonology uses formulations which are modern but sometimes inadequate, or vague, sometimes strikingly precise and 'phonetic', with references to 'phonetic drift [...] from fortition to frication'(p.
The fortition of h to x in Ahvaz might be by partial assimilation to the following t.
The specific historical changes are either through lenition (as assumed by most scholars) or fortition (Gordon 1998).