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a.1.Luckless; also, destitute of a fortune or portion.
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des moeurs de Caton a-t-elle dit--sotte!" Hers, I thought, must be a curious soul, where in spite of a strong, natural tendency to estimate unduly advantages of wealth and station, the sardonic disdain of a fortuneless subordinate had wrought a deeper impression than could be imprinted by the most flattering assiduities of a prosperous CHEF D'INSTITUTION.
His vision of Europe is that of a working-class American, looking at the meagre and fortuneless as an ontologically troubling presence and absence, both of which are lurking in the cinematic image itself.
(Mystery equals guilt in this novel.) By the end, his father's crimes leave him fortuneless; Amanda, endowed by her brother with an estate Mortimer has had to sell, provides the financial ground for their new life.