front line

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n. also front line
1. A front or boundary, especially one between military, political, or ideological positions.
2. Basketball See frontcourt.
3. Football The linemen of a team.
4. Sports The players who play farthest forward, as in volleyball.
adj. or front-line
1. Located or used at a military front.
2. Of or relating to the most advanced or important position or activity in a field or undertaking: "elicited candid revelations from many of the front-line executives ... and doggedly followed the money trail down all its byways" (Steve Fraser).
3. Sports
a. Of or relating to the frontline.
b. Being a member of the regular team; first-string: a team in need of a frontline catcher.
4. Performing the most basic tasks or interacting directly with customers, patients, or clients: a frontline caregiver; frontline caseworkers.

front line

1. (Military) military the most advanced military units or elements in a battle
2. the most advanced, exposed, or conspicuous element in any activity or situation
3. (modifier)
a. of, relating to, or suitable for the front line of a military formation: frontline troops.
b. Brit of, relating to, or suitable for public service and business employees who are in direct contact with the public: frontline staff.
c. to the fore; advanced, conspicuous, etc: frontline news.
d. of or relating to a country bordering on or close to a hostile country or scene of armed conflict: leaders of the frontline states attended the summit.

front′ line′

2. the visible forefront in any action, activity, or field.


1. located or designed to be used at a military front line: a front-line helicopter.
2. of, pertaining to, or involving the forefront in any action, activity, or field: front-line athletics.
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Noun1.front line - the line along which opposing armies face each otherfront line - the line along which opposing armies face each other
battlefield, battleground, field of battle, field of honor, field - a region where a battle is being (or has been) fought; "they made a tour of Civil War battlefields"
line - a fortified position (especially one marking the most forward position of troops); "they attacked the enemy's line"

front line

n (Mil) → prima linea
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