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Noun1.Fosamax - a tablet (trade name Fosamax) prescribed to prevent or treat osteoporosis in women after menopauseFosamax - a tablet (trade name Fosamax) prescribed to prevent or treat osteoporosis in women after menopause
medicament, medication, medicinal drug, medicine - (medicine) something that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
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The review focused primarily on the Fosamax Fracture Intervention Trial Long-Term Extension (FLEX).
Having a hip fracture as a result of medication can happen at an inordinately young age in people whose doctors prescribed Fosamax," states NY defective prescription drug attorney, Rudy Migliore.
If you've been reading my articles for very long, you know how dangerous Fosamax and other bisphosphonates can be.
stating that the seven jurors 'agree that there is no evidence of proof that Fosamax caused Mrs.
Merck (the manufacturer of Fosamax) tried to hide the fact that Fosamax is causing jawbone death
the drugmaker defending about 27,000 lawsuits filed by users of the painkiller Vioxx, was accused in a Canadian lawsuit of failing to warn consumers its drug Fosamax may damage jaw bones, a law firm said.
And, I have also been taking Fosamax for osteoporosis for some years now.
The bisphosphonates Fosamax and Zometa are the subject of litigation alleging that their manufacturers knew of the increased risk of osteonecrosis (dead bone) of the jaw and failed to provide adequate warnings to consumers.
Our options seem to be Liquid Fosamax (for G-tube) or the new once a year IV drug Reclast.
Thousands of British women take Fosamax for the bone-thinning disease which is a common side effect of the menopause.