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 (fŏz′bə-rē), Richard Douglas Known as "Dick." Born 1947.
American athlete. He won a gold medal in the high jump at the 1968 Olympics, revolutionizing the event by going over the bar head first and backwards in what became known as the "Fosbury flop."
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Noun1.Fosbury - United States athlete who revolutionized the high jump by introducing the Fosbury flop in the 1968 Olympics (born in 1947)
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I'm not that good at the Fosbury Flop so I have a lot of points to work on.
His Highness gave an example with the story of the High Jump champion Fosbury, which took place in 1968 only after two days of breaking the world record in the Long Jump in Mexico Olympics, and he clarified that the participants in the competition were used to a certain method for high jumping, and the champions were trained on this method until Fosbury came with a new way and he jumped with his back to the post, rejecting with that the traditional jump, and going in a different way from the rest of the competitors and with this jump, he broke the world record back then and exceeded all the conventional standards.
I wish this advice had been around for my close friend Caroline Fosbury when she lost her 11-year-old daughter Ella to a brain tumour.
In the sporting world, American Dick Fosbury revolutionised athletics at the Mexico Olympics when he tackled the high jump using a new back-first manoeuvre.
Ayew's late Fosbury flop under England defender Harry Maguire's negligible escort was pathetic.
Everyone today uses the Fosbury Flop, though most jumpers have no clue the backwards-over-the-bar style actually had a start point - April 20, 1963, in Grants Pass - and no clue who Dick Fosbury is.
OCTOBER 20,1968--Dick Fosbury sets an Olympic record at the Mexico City games with a high jump of 7 feet 4.
IT'S the most famous leap in the air since the Fosbury Flop - and we could well see it again at Newbury today.
En el deporte, donde los ejemplos son mas faciles, Dick Fosbury gano una medalla de oro en salto de altura; Pele, tres mundiales; y la Checoslovaquia de Panenka, una Eurocopa contra pronostico.
Mariyappan completed the Fosbury flop action in a clear motion.
Fosbury will become Chief Executive Officer upon Rattmann's retirement.
Along with this there may be innovations like the Fosbury Flop in high jumping that affect superior performance.