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n. pl.1.(Zool.) A group of hymenopterous insects including the sand wasps. They excavate cells in earth, where they deposit their eggs, with the bodies of other insects for the food of the young when hatched.
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Un capitulo importante es el que se dedica a los Hermanos Fossores de la Misericordia que es el instituto religioso que desde 1965 se ocupa de atender el cementerio.
Stevenson (1978) describes the many activities of the fossores in Rome as including: the preparation of surface graves; the excavation of catacombs as well as their decoration with paintings and inscriptions; the general maintenance of the catacombs and cemeteries; and, the actual sale of the grave sites themselves (pp.
Although the fossores of the catacombs are discussed, there is no reference to the standard monograph on the subject (E.