Foster nurse

a nurse; a nourisher.

See also: Foster

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It thus appears critical that healthcare leaders foster nurse satisfaction, support of individual nurse emotional competence development, and individual accountability for demonstration of emotionally competent behaviors.
I was in a pram with a foster nurse when she bumped into my mum, a friend of hers.
Findings also point to the benefits of creating supportive workplace settings to foster nurse organizational and professional identification.
Manager behaviors believed to foster nurse relations included encouraging staff, confronting conflicts, and providing an inclusive environment.
The goal is to foster nurses and other emergency workers.
I am currently responsible for Quality Assessment Indicators in my unit where I work and also I participate on the Best Practice Evidence Team--these two additional duties have given me the opportunity to work closely with other nurses and various disciplines in healthcare to promote teamwork, collaboration and foster nurses to engage in research and investigation into best practices that promote overall improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.
Such strategies include hiring experienced, full-time, baccalaureate-prepared nurses; retaining experienced nurses; creating work environments that foster nurses' health, safety, security and job satisfaction; balancing the efforts and rewards associated with work; promoting nurse autonomy, full scope of practice and innovative work schedules; and fostering managerial relationships.