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Noun1.foster son - someone who is raised as a son although not related by birth
foster child, foster-child, fosterling - a child who is raised by foster parents
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The King and Queen had also a foster son, named Hermod, who was just about the same age as Hadvor, and was good-looking, as well as clever at most things.
Former nominated MP Betty Tett and her husband William Tett have been summoned to explain whether they authored a statement opposing a review of their foster son's death sentence.
Oscar said in an interview that his foster son Tom had made with him, that he didn't think it was necessary.
Ted is survived by his wife Elsie, children Suzanne (Ronald) Lattanzio of Hampshire, Ted (Karen) Thull of Macedon, NY, Eric (Michele Hodge), of South Elgin, and Jenneane (Anthony) Guarini of Olathe, KS; foster son Robin Roberts of Glendale, AZ; grandchildren Aaron and Evan Thompson, Brittany Thull, Dan, Megan and Steven Thull, Allison (Mark) Carlson, Nicholas and Lucas Lattanzio; plus 5 great-grandchildren.
CORONATION Street's Roy Cropper will get a surprise when a health-and-safety inspector who arrives on the cobbles turns out to be foster son Wayne Hayes.
CORONATION Street's Roy Cropper is about to get a surprise when his foster son turns up in Weatherfield.
Earlier this month, a North Carolina middle school teacher who was ( arrested for having sex with her 15-year-old foster son, faced additional charges over messages she sent to the teenager on social media despite being warned against it.
Elsewhere, the evercompetitive Nitin cannot seem to get over the fact that Martin is Mimi's mentor and Ingrid is excited about welcoming her 14-year-old foster son, but things do go to quite as she had planned.
Tuesday to say his foster son had murdered his family.
Former city cop Helen (Julianne Nicholson) has a new job as a small-town sheriff and is hoping for a quiet life with her new husband and their foster son, but when a triple homicide takes place, it quickly becomes clear that Helen enjoys being part of a complicated case.
With evil unleashed in Duskain, Skel, the teenaged foster son of an elephant herder, is caught in the middle of it all...
In his 1997 Pericles on Stage, which dealt with the first of extant plays by Aristophanes, Vickers argued that the principle targets of the Greek playwright's humor were the long-dead Pericles, Cleon, and Pericles' foster son, Alcibiades.