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n.1.One who, or that which, fosters.
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But according to fosterer Simon Clark from Kenilworth, the rewards are worth it.
They not only give knowledge but also carry out a difficult mission of a fosterer.
Workers at RSPCA Cymru were alerted after the dog's fosterer, Ms Beard, was seen abusing a Boston terrier-type dog, named Anna, by picking her up, dropping her forcibly to the ground and kicking her on several occasions.
To find out more about becoming a super fosterer, call Kerry on 07980 853672, email superfoster@greyhoundrescuewales.
Abandonded Yorkshire terrier Charlie has had surgery on his legs and is recovering well in the home of his fosterer.
In particular they are looking for volunteers to help with publicity, events organising and fosterer support.
Being a fosterer is a way of supporting people going through a dif-ficult time but also helping the pets, who have to suffer in silence.
I've been a Feline Friends fosterer for three years now and I love it.
The tops to be discussed on the occasion include, Global Financial Crisis: Impact On South Asian Economies, Addressing Climate Change and Food Security Challenges in South Asia and Trade Facilitation: A Fosterer of Regional Connectivity In South Asia.
She was later handed over to cat fosterer Liz Dart, of Nailsworth, Gloucs.
On the other hand, if you're having to go into hospital or working overseas for a while then you may want to consider a pet fosterer yourself.
The surviving kitten has been taken into RSPCA care and is being looked after by a fosterer.