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n.1.One who, or that which, fosters.
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Recently, she has been living with a SARA fosterer, and with her epilepsy now controlled, she's become a loving dog who is great with children.
If you think you may have the time and space to become a fosterer please get in touch with the charity.
Anyone interested in finding out more about the scheme or getting involved as a pet fosterer can contact Kate on 07715 540 182.
This anxiety is reducing daily and the fosterer reports he is now getting much more relaxed about being left for short periods although please realise his current fosterer has four other dogs to keep him company.
Animal fosterer Eileen Jones is a dedicated member of a group that helps home dogs for Rhondda Cynon Taff Animal Shelter in Dinas.
This lovely cat is very clean and has been no bother at all for her fosterer.
A pet can come into a fosterer's care for a few days or for up to several months, and all animals are assessed before they go to a foster home.
The orphans were taken in by Cat Protection fosterer Diane Skipsey of Marske, who hand-fed them every three hours for several days.
He is pictured with six-year-old Tom Carew, the son of his current fosterer.
Dog fosterer Katie Porter, of Upper Hagg, Thongsbridge, is a WYDR committee member and has fostered the rescue dogs since losing her own Bernese Mountain Dog, Bern, three and a half years ago.
"They are seemingly appearing at about five weeks old, possibly when a feral mum has had enough of them and leaves them to fend for themselves," said volunteer fosterer Sheila Phillips.