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Then from his loftie stand on that high Tree Down he alights among the sportful Herd Of those fourfooted kindes, himself now one, Now other, as thir shape servd best his end Neerer to view his prey, and unespi'd To mark what of thir state he more might learn By word or action markt: about them round A Lion now he stalkes with fierie glare, Then as a Tiger, who by chance hath spi'd In some Purlieu two gentle Fawnes at play, Strait couches close, then rising changes oft His couchant watch, as one who chose his ground Whence rushing he might surest seise them both Grip't in each paw: when ADAM first of men To first of women EVE thus moving speech, Turnd him all eare to heare new utterance flow.
'Ay, mun, bring him sune as ye like', grinned the dwarf and then there was heard the pattering of a fourfooted animal, and an anxious whining, and, the kitchen door opening.
[I]f anyone wrongfully kills another's slave of either sex, or his fourfooted beast, let him be condemned to pay to the owner whatever was its greatest value in the past year.
The special actions force has recently inducted and trained close to a dozen of these fourfooted soldiers called the Belgian Malinois and they will form an essential part of counterterrorist operations that the 'black cat' commandos of the National Security Guard (NSG) undertake in the future.
"The donkey was placed in the cart, and its owner, with the collar round his neck, was constrained to drag his fourfooted servant through the village.
And declaring the couple offi- cially married, the registrar paid special tribute to the well-behaved guests, as she asked "could everybody - our two and fourfooted friends - please be upstanding for Mr and Mrs Meeks." After waiting years to marry her true love, Katie - who wore an ivory and silver embellished bridal gown teamed with shoes and accessories carefully crafted by herself - said the day couldn't have been more perfect.
The explanation for the elephant's nose could include three nested kinds--blooded, having a lung, and fourfooted, live-bearing animal (since Aristotle also accepts that having a lung is in the essence in PA III.6).