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Noun1.2 Esdras - an Apocryphal book of angelic revelations2 Esdras - an Apocryphal book of angelic revelations
Apocrypha - 14 books of the Old Testament included in the Vulgate (except for II Esdras) but omitted in Jewish and Protestant versions of the Bible; eastern Christian churches (except the Coptic Church) accept all these books as canonical; the Russian Orthodox Church accepts these texts as divinely inspired but does not grant them the same status
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Informed by a verse of the Fourth Book of Esdras (VI.42) as cited in chapter viii of D'Ailly's Ymago Mundi ("Esdras in his fourth book says that six parts of the earth are inhabited and the seventh is covered by the waters"), (26) Columbus not only believed that the world was much smaller than was commonly thought, but that seven parts of it was land and only one part water.
The Fourth Book of Esdras, VI.42 (Vulgate), says: et tertio die imperasti aquis congregari in septima parte terrae, sex vero partes siccasti et conservasti, ut ex his sint coram te ministrantia seminata adeo et culta (Upon the third day thou didst command that the waters should be gathered in the seventh part of the earth: six parts hast thou dried up, and kept them, to the intent that of these some being planted of God and tilled might serve thee).

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