Fourth Crusade

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Noun1.Fourth Crusade - a Crusade from 1202 to 1204 that was diverted into a battle for Constantinople and failed to recapture JerusalemFourth Crusade - a Crusade from 1202 to 1204 that was diverted into a battle for Constantinople and failed to recapture Jerusalem
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For in 1204 the armies of the fourth Crusade, which had gathered to fight the heathen, turned their swords, to their shame be it said, against the Christian people of the Greek Empire.
The Fourth Crusade shook the Christians as it paved the way for Muslim conquests.
In April 1204, the Fourth Crusade army captured Constantinople and installed Count Baldwin of Flanders and Hainaut emperor of what modern historians call the Latin empire of Constantinople, which lasted until 1261.
HAPPENED ON THIS DAY 1203: Constantinople - then the world's biggest Christian city - is captured by forces of the Fourth Crusade, diverted from their Holy Land objective by political machinations.
This volume faces the difficult task of exploring southeastern Europe during the period contiguous to the Fourth Crusade, and that when the Ottoman Empire replaced the Byzantine one--with Constantinople becoming Istanbul--, while the contributors are cognizant of a contemporary Balkan region and its devastations.
The Horses of Saint Mark's in Venice, for instance, were so well-regarded that Venetian soldiers of the Fourth Crusade stole them from their original place at the Hippodrome of Constantinople in the 13th century.
Sacred Plunder: Venice and the Aftermath of the Fourth Crusade. By David M.
They can burn: Rome in 64 AD (possibly thanks to the Emperor Nero); Constantinople in 1203 (courtesy of the Fourth Crusade); Lisbon in 1755 (because of the earthquake); Moscow in 1812 (thanks to Napoleon); Hamburg in 1842; Chicago in 1871,* San Francisco in 1906...
The schism between Orthodoxy and Catholicism was formalized in 1054 with excommunications by both sides, and it was finalized in 1204 with the looting of Constantinople by soldiers returning from the Fourth Crusade.
The plot of "Secrets of Karbala" oscillates between the Battle of Karbala, the political origins of the Sunni-Shiite rift, and the Fourth Crusade's sack of Christian Constantinople.
He even suggested that if the right amount of money was paid to the Vatican Bank, the pope may even condemn the Fourth Crusade, which reached Anatolia in 1204 A.D.

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