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a.1.Having small pits or depressions, as the receptacle in some composite flowers.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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89 Tectum (0) continuous or microperforate, (1) perforate (foveolate) to semitectate (e.g., reticulate), (2) reduced (not distinguishable from underlying granules).
The head is subquadrate and coarsely foveolate. The length of the malar space on the side of the head is (0.65-0.70 mm); the length from the upper edge of the eye to the edge of posterior lobe is 1.35-1.50 mm.
The scanning revealed that pollen grains of these plants are scarbate, foveolate, and tectate with smooth surfaces.
2 Shell small (adult diameter <10 mm) and predominantly white, turbiniform; sculpture cancellate or foveolate Vaceuchelus
According to Tosheva and Tonkov (2005) the grain size is P x E = 34.6 x 26.6 um, the ornamentation is perporate - foveolate. Our findings, Tosheva and Tonkov (2005) findings P x E = 33.336 x 29.363 um in non-acetolysed, 41.288 X 32.136 um Erdtman and the ornamentation show compliance excluding these properties.
2 mm long, fixed at 1/3 of their length above the base, base sagittate, apex obtuse; Pollen subtrapeziform, apparently sulcate, exine irregularly foveolate with tendency to insulate, lumina large to small, rounded to elongate; Ovary ca.
Section Melongena is more variable since placentation patterns 1, 2, 3 and 5 were observed, and seeds can be bulky or rimmed, smooth or foveolate.