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A localized rain shower in which rain falls while the sun is shining.
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Werritty, best man at Fox's wedding and a former flatmate, was present on 18 of his overseas trips, including visits to Sri Lanka and Dubai, despite having no official role or security clearance.
The Circuit Court in Dublin was told it happened in the Dinn Ri Hotel, Carlow, in May 2005 just days before Rachel Fox's wedding.
In chronological order: Fox comedy Worst Week of My Life traces the week leading up to a couple's wedding; ABC comedy A Day in the Life presents each participant's perspective on a young couple's wedding; Fox's Wedding Album is about a wedding photographer and his assistant; NBC's The Singles Table follows a group of people who first meet while sitting at the eponymous table at a wedding; and 52 Fights focuses on a newlywed couple's transition from dating to marriage.
Con: We expose McKenzie; Ruined: Sarah and Mark Fox's wedding photos were blurred Urquhart's own portrait, right, is just as dodgy