Fox bat

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(Zool.) a large fruit bat of the genus Pteropus, of many species, inhabiting Asia, Africa, and the East Indies, esp. P. medius of India. Some of the species are more than four feet across the outspread wings. See Fruit bat.

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Rabies virus infection of a flying fox bat, Pteropus policephalus in Chandigarh, northern India.
The largest bat, called the flying fox bat, which lives in Australia, Asia and some Pacific islands, has a wingspan of 6 feet.
ICE BLUE J Birds fly across a frozen landscape KISS OF DEATH J These long-legged flies are fighting DUELn An Arctic fox confronts a snow goose on Wrangel Island, Russia DIVE-BY J This Australian flying fox bat swoops down for a drink MIRROR Z IMAGE Two cheetahs in Tanzania STOP, THIEF n A golden eagle in Bulgaria chases off a fox which tried to share its kill NATURAL HIGH A lion rests in the branches of a tree in Uganda FEEDING Z FRENZY A gannet tries to grab a herring, chased by cormorants FISH SUPPER J A Canadian spirit bear eats salmon TURTLE 3 RELAXATION Swimming off Tenerife PRIMAL 3 FEAR A tethered baboon looks terrified as it is carried by children in Mozambique
Fox bat wings look leathery; butterfly wings appear scaly.