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To further evaluate tight gas potential Frac job was conducted after which flow rates improved significantly.
"The infrastructure from the Ohio River is sized so that we can push enough water from the river at the flow rate needed for the frac job, and have essentially no impact on the river," he says.
Key words: Hydraulic frac job, fracturing, reservoir performance evaluation, SMART software
Rate 3462 MCFD, (3.4 million cubic feet of natural gas per day) and 33 barrels of oil flowing through the perforations utilizing a 16/64" choke without a frac job. The Lillie No.
Additionally, the new customer cited that the significant reason it elected to use this particular type of water storage system was the equipment's "unique design and the benefits over digging an open pit for each frac job that it typically perform in this region.
To accomplish this, proppant is transported into the fracture during the pumping phase of the frac job. When the pressure is subsequently reduced and the well is brought into production, the high conductivity of the fracture is maintained by keeping it "propped" open with the sand.