Fragaria chiloensis

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Noun1.Fragaria chiloensis - wild strawberry of western United States and South AmericaFragaria chiloensis - wild strawberry of western United States and South America; source of many varieties of cultivated strawberries
Fragaria, genus Fragaria - strawberries
strawberry - any of various low perennial herbs with many runners and bearing white flowers followed by edible fruits having many small achenes scattered on the surface of an enlarged red pulpy berry
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Entre los recursos cultivados encontramos: Zea mays (maiz), Chenopodium quinoa (quinoa), Phaseolus vulgaris (poroto) y posiblemente Bromus mango (magu), mientras que entre las especies silvestres destacan: frutilla silvestre (Fragaria chiloensis), maqui (Aristotelia chilensis), frambuesa silvestre (Rubus geoides), peumo (Cryptocarya alba), nocha (Cyperus sp.), quilo (Muehlenbeckia hastulata) y vatro (Typha angustifolia) (Roa 2011, 2016; Roa et al.
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Then early in the 18th century, the large ( Chilean strawberry (Fragaria Chiloensis) ( came to France.
To get more insights regarding the protection afforded by polyphenols from the South American relatives of commercial berries on AGS cells exposed to a free radical source, in the present work, we have addressed studies aimed to assess the cytoprotective mechanisms mediated by the polyphenols contained in the Chilean native raspberry Rubus geoides, the native currant Ribes magellanicum, and the Chilean strawberry Fragaria chiloensis ssp.
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