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 (frăg′ə-när′, frä-gô-), Jean Honoré 1732-1806.
French artist best known for his rococo paintings of exotic landscapes and love scenes.


(French fraɡɔnar)
(Biography) Jean-Honoré (ʒɑ̃ ɔnɔre). 1732–1806, French artist, noted for richly coloured paintings typifying the frivolity of 18th- century French court life


(fra gɔˈnar)

Jean Honoré, 1732–1806, French painter.
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Noun1.Fragonard - French artist whose rococo paintings typified the frivolity of life in the royal court of France in the 18th century (1732-1806)Fragonard - French artist whose rococo paintings typified the frivolity of life in the royal court of France in the 18th century (1732-1806)
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Sketches of boxers, of ballet-girls, and of racehorses alternated with a sensuous Fragonard, a martial Girardet, and a dreamy Turner.
Paintings like The Swing (1767) will forever cause Jean-HonorA@ Fragonard to be remembered as one of the more perverted French painters in history.
She also sets Boucher, Chardin, and Fragonard in the wider intellectual context of the Enlightenment.
Recientemente declararon Tesoro Nacional a un modelo en yeso de Rodin, un cuadro de Fragonard, una escultura de las Islas Cicladas, un manuscrito de Nadja, de Andre Breton, con la unica finalidad de que las obras no salgan de Francia.
The book focuses on a series of portrait paintings by Jean Honor<AEe> Fragonard, in which figures appear in fancy dress or fantasy costumes, and addresses the debate over whether the figures represented real people.
Like Fragonard and Galimard, Molinard offers free tours in a number of languages, as well as individual and group workshops.
Contract notice:Project management in the framework of the works of the building fragonard.
La lista de las selfies inmortales sigue con Fragonard, William Blake, Ingres y David cuando se incluye en La coronacion de Napoleon.
It features works by Goya, Fragonard, Rembrandt, John Constable and JMW Turner.
The glazes swirl, co-mingle and secrete from orifices, coating her forms with fleshy sensuality reminiscent of Fragonard with its softs pinks, peaches and icy blues.
And visitors to the Martin Tinney Gallery in Cardiff will be able to see how the Surrey-born artist is influenced by French art and, in particular the deceptive lightness and fragility of Watteau and Fragonard and the complex and subtle use of pictorial space in Poussin.
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