Frame building

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a building of which the form and support is made of framed timbers.

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They sat by a window that looked over the roof of a small frame building into Main Street.
They were on a street which seemed to run on forever, mile after mile--thirty-four of them, if they had known it--and each side of it one uninterrupted row of wretched little two-story frame buildings.
Within, beside the frame buildings, were many built of ancient brick and well-cut stone.
Near the western extremity, where Fort Moultrie stands, and where are some miserable frame buildings, tenanted, during summer, by the fugitives from Charleston dust and fever, may be found, indeed, the bristly palmetto; but the whole island, with the exception of this western point, and a line of hard, white beach on the seacoast, is covered with a dense undergrowth of the sweet myrtle, so much prized by the horticulturists of England.
Tenders are invited for invitation to tender bts kingsway depot portal frame building
Small one story frame building containing a carpet shop as tenant in Southwest corner of lot (Fronts on Old Hwy 41).
Combination photograph shows a four-storey wood frame building tested under the conditions of a number of historical earthquake data using the World's largest outdoor shake table by researchers at the University of San Diego California in San Diego, California, on August 17.
The project also involves Liverpool-based firms DK Architects, civil and structural engineers Sutcliffe and engineering services provider HE Simm, as well as Leeds-based timber frame building specialist Shire Timber.
E M Newby and Sons, steel portal frame building, Park Lane Farm, Park Lane, Emley.
It looks wonderful, it feels good and is so sturdy that it can last lifetimes - especially in the form of a timber frame building.
A small frame building and a patio are all that make up the Cortez Kitchen, which is hidden behind boats in dry dock that seem much bigger than they do in the water.
We're creating a five-storey concrete frame building and a two-storey steel frame building, so to have reached 500,000 man hours is a great achievement.