Frame level

a mason's level.

See also: Frame

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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There is skill in the capture but only at an individual file or frame level. There is no real story to be portrayed other than the capture of a sequence of change events committed to paper.
The proposed CNN based audio event classifier consists of two modules: an audio feature extractor and a CNN-based frame level audio event classifier.
To obtain the desired performance, the quantizer requires some kind of adaptation at the frame level, e.g.
Beamr is an image science and encoding technology company who has developed the world's first content adaptive optimization process built on a perceptual quality measure operating in a closed loop at the frame level. The quality measure and related technologies are backed by 19 granted International patents and over 30 pending applications.
It exposes the low-level API of the Android media framework, so that the playback can be controlled at the frame level. On each video frame, the graphic component can hold the image data and change the way the image is being rendered.
The proposed rate control method is performed in stereo video coding with four levels, namely, view level, group-of-pictures (GOP) level, frame level, and MB level.
The MAM holds metadata down to the single frame level as well as ownership and rights parameters, which are made available to users inside the production group or more widely in the enterprise and beyond.
Such modularity also provides redundancy at the frame level and ensures availability of the system even through maintenance and service intervals.
Students who study in sports manangement program have less human resources frame level than sports teacher program and trainer education program students' level.
More next week about the exciting PENN 320LD graphite frame level wind multiplier reel that is up for grabs by September's boat-fishing winner.
The key to avoiding eliminativist arguments is to embrace a hybrid theory that requires both analytic entailments and empirical fulfillment of the frame level application and coapplication conditions.