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Here is a pilgrim who appears to take his instructions from Heaven above; he is uncommonly likely to lay a hand on France.
Napoleon being out of the country, France allowed the people in Paris to worry the life out of her.
There was no great France for him in which his was not the commanding figure.
It is the wish of those who stand for France that you should take that packet and board that steamer.
Thus to cause France to lose Milan the first time it was enough for the Duke Lodovico[*] to raise insurrections on the borders; but to cause him to lose it a second time it was necessary to bring the whole world against him, and that his armies should be defeated and driven out of Italy; which followed from the causes above mentioned.
Nevertheless Milan was taken from France both the first and the second time.
The two kingdoms are so near that France must be interested in our situation, as we are interested in that of France.
England needs tranquillity at home, in order to consummate the expulsion of her king; France needs tranquillity to establish on solid foundations the throne of her young monarch.
The favor which Anne of Austria thus extended to the young man, and the welcome sound of the language of a country from which the duke had been estranged since his stay in France, deeply affected him.
I prefer my own native land to France," replied the duke; "but if your majesty were to ask me which of the two cities, London or Paris, I should prefer as a residence, I should be forced to answer, Paris.
Louis XIV was a very proud and self-confident man; he had such and such mistresses and such and such ministers and he ruled France badly.
I tender it before you all, enjoining you all to fall back with me upon the coast of France, in such a way as not to compromise the safety of the forces his majesty has confided to me.

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