Francesca da Rimini

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Francesca da Ri·mi·ni

 (də rĭm′ə-nē, dä rē′mē-nē) Died c. 1285.
Italian noblewoman. Unhappily married, she fell in love with her brother-in-law. When her husband learned of the affair, he murdered his wife and brother, a tragedy recounted in Dante's Inferno.

Fran•ces•ca da Rim•i•ni

(frænˈtʃɛs kə də ˈrɪm ə ni, frɑn-)
died 1285?, Italian noblewoman: immortalized in Dante's Divine Comedy.
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Winterson's second retelling is of the tale of Francesca and Paolo that appears in both Boccaccio and Dante.
Dante was the first to make a literary reference to the tragedy; in Canto 5 of the Inferno he encounters the lovers Francesca and Paolo on the second circle.