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1. A privilege or right granted by law, especially the right to vote in the election of public officials.
2. A special privilege given by government to a corporation or an individual to engage in a particular activity using public facilities, especially to provide a public service such as transportation or communications.
3. The establishment of a corporation, including the granting of certain privileges such as exemption from individual liability for the acts of the corporation.
a. Authorization granted to someone to sell or distribute a company's goods or services in a certain area.
b. A business or group of businesses established or operated under such authorization.
c. A brand name under which a series of products is released.
5. The territory or limits within which immunity, a privilege, or a right may be exercised.
6. A professional sports team.
tr.v. fran·chised, fran·chis·ing, fran·chis·es
To grant a franchise to.

[Middle English fraunchise, from Old French franchise, from franche, feminine of franc, free, exempt; see frank1.]
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[ˈfræntʃaɪzɪŋ] Nfranquiciamiento m
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A franchise chain in an internationalization process may come across institutions in the destination country that help to improve the efficiency of the economy and firms, providing reliable and efficient frameworks.
CU, a convenience store franchise chain, said Tuesday that beer was the top-selling product at its 20 stores across the cities from Feb.
Just Falafel is now the "number one falafel franchise chain in the world", says CEO Fadi Malas
A Florida-based franchise chain specialized in energy-efficient goods and services is looking to expand to Puerto Rico, reports Mews Is My Business (Jan.
The complexities of a franchise chain such as DA will manifest themselves fully when the chain is put under pressure.
The franchise chain, which has a branch at New North Road, Edgerton, is creating the positions over the next three years as it increases the number of sites across England and Wales from 137 to 275 by 2012.
Oil & Vinegar is the newest outlet in a 100-strong European franchise chain and the 16th in the UK.
gobbled up the franchise chain, mmmuffins Canada Corp.
DESPITE persistent reports to the contrary, the BWG group controllers of the Spar franchise chain is not set to splinter when the company is sold off later this year, a senior executive has insisted.
The program calls for attaining combined sales of 110 billion yen a year in 2009 by integrating some 250 stores into the franchise chain by that time, it added.
The Goddard School for early childhood education plans to locate their newest school in their nationwide franchise chain to 6,000 square feet at 150 Hilltop Road in Ramsey, announced Marc Schlussel, partner of Key Properties.