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Noun1.Francis Bacon - English statesman and philosopherFrancis Bacon - English statesman and philosopher; precursor of British empiricism; advocated inductive reasoning (1561-1626)
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Born in 1909 and expelled from his family for being gay 16 years later, Francis Bacon earned himself a reputation as one of the century's greatest artists.
In Tim Burton's ``Batman'' (1989), for example, Jack Nicholson's ``Joker'' tells his vandalistic henchmen to lay off a Francis Bacon portrait because he kinda likes it.
A FRANCIS Bacon portrait of his friend is expected to fetch pounds 9.
The Oxford Francis Bacon XV: The Essayes or Counsels, Civill and Morall.
Thomas Nashe heaps satirical scorn on the aforementioned Harvey; Francis Bacon faults the hunt for words rather than matter.
How, after Pollock, did Francis Bacon take up anew Cezanne's question of the "being of sensation" and of the space of "the figural" (as distinctive from the figurative) in painting, introducing a new neurological violence into its "logic"?
THE chaotic London studio of Irish artist Francis Bacon was unveiled yesterday after being painstakingly reconstructed in a Dublin art gallery.
Perez Zagorin has written a sympathetic, reliable, and highly readable introduction to Bacon's thought and intellectual achievements, entitled simply Francis Bacon.
A PAINTING by Irish-born artist Francis Bacon which has not been seen in public for decades will go on sale next month.
Ground Chuck, Lengua (Tongue), and Sausage (all from the "Meat" series, 2002) are tough pictures of butchered flesh but without the blood-and-guts drama of Francis Bacon.
The influence of Francis Bacon seems to lurk behind the Indian artist's latest portraits, in which faces ooze with blood and entrails.
Whereas Paul Christianson has written a detailed study of John Selden's historical writings and parliamentary career before the English Civil War, Nieves Mathews's book on Selden's older contemporary, Francis Bacon, is more difficult to describe.