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Noun1.Francis Hopkinson - American Revolutionary leader and patriotFrancis Hopkinson - American Revolutionary leader and patriot; a signer of the Declaration of Independence (1737-1791)
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Patriotism is a common theme, expressed in Francis Hopkinson's 1798 ballad "Hail Columbia," which until 1931 was regarded by many as the national anthem.
Producer Francis Hopkinson said: "Kate Brooke has written a clever and surprising script, with two fantastic parts." No casting yet but we can rule out Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp.
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Francis Hopkinson, Catherine Oldfield, Rebecca Eaton
Executive producer Francis Hopkinson said: "Carter's discovery is legendary.
The first involved a story that he acknowledged having borrowed from his friend Francis Hopkinson Smith, about a "Negro" cook compelled to explain why a roast goose is missing a leg.
George - the Eighth Earl - met creative director and executive producer for ITV Studios Francis Hopkinson to discuss the twopart drama, which stars Rory Kinnear as Lucan with Christopher Eccleston as gambling pal John Aspinall.
One design, by Francis Hopkinson, had stars with six points, arranged in lines.
"The quality and ambition of Cape Wrath has attracted a cast of top British actors," says Francis Hopkinson, Channel 4's senior drama commissioning editor.
Channel 4 senior commissioning editor for drama, Francis Hopkinson, said: "It will make it much easier to film - it buys you time."
Francis Hopkinson, senior commissioning editor for Channel 4 drama, said: "Channel 4 is extremely proud of Elizabeth I, and it is fantastic to have the quality of drama and Helen's magnificent performance acknowledged in the US through such a strong showing at the Emmys.
Channel Four's senior drama commissioner, Francis Hopkinson, said: "All in the Game continues Channel 4's policy of producing authored, opinionated and powerful single dramas.