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A Francis II B Benedict X C John XIV D Boniface II 10.
'With the death of King Henry II in a jousting accident in 1559 and the accession of her son King Francis II, Queen Catherine seized the Chateau de Chenonceau from Diance de Poitiers, who exchanged it for the Chateau de Chaumont.
Firstly she was married to Francis II of France, then to her English cousin Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley (played by Jack Lowden in the film), and finally to controversial Scottish aristocrat James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell (portrayed by Martin Compston in the film).
On the day of his election, the Vatican clarified that his official papal name was "Francis", not "Francis I" and it will only become so if and when there is a Francis II.
1806: Francis II abdicated as Holy Roman Emperor following defeat by Napoleon at Austerlitz, ending a thousand years of that empire; he continued to reign as Emperor of Austria.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO- 29 April 2017: The Name of God is Mercy is the first book to be published for Pope Francis II of the Vatican , in conjunction with the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy.
Pope Francis II, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, will arrive in Cairo on Friday and will start his visit to Egypt by meeting with President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi at Ittihadyia Palace, a source in the Armed Forces Media Affairs Office told Daily News Egypt.
The first cultural wars to preoccupy Austrian and Hungarian publics had little to do with nationalism and everything to do with the adoption of a new constitution when Emperor Francis (1848-1906), who began his reign as Francis II of the Holy Roman Empire and ended it as Francis I of Austria, resigned after Austrian forces were defeated by Napoleon at Austerlitz and in subsequent battles.
A Lawrence Durrell B George Orwell C Graham Greene D James Joyce QUESTION 11 - for 11 points: Who was widowed by the death of King Francis II of France?
The third of four brothers he succeeded to the throne after the successive deaths of his two elder brothers, Francis II and Charles IX.
Further treasures entered the couple's collection soon after when in 1796 the Holy Roman Emperor Francis II exchanged 500 drawings from the Imperial Court Library for a large number of prints.
After the death of his father Henry II, he became King Francis II in 1559 and Mary was Queen of France and Scotland.