Franciscan Nuns

nuns who follow the rule of St. Francis, esp. those of the Second Order of St. Francis, - called also Poor Clares or Minoresses.

See also: Franciscan

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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While researching Andalusia, Jose visited the Franciscan nuns in Ronda, Malaga.
It brings much flavour." While researching Andalusia, he visited the Franciscan nuns in Malaga.
While researching ANDALUSIA, he visited las hermanas Franciscanas (the Franciscan nuns) in Ronda, Malaga.
Among their topics are recycling for eternity: the reuse of ancient sarcophagi by Pisan merchants 1200-1400, monuments for the tailors and merchant tailors of medieval London, tombs and the imago doctoris in cathedra in northern Italy about 1300-1364, remembering the dead and planning the afterlife in 15th-century Tuscany: the case of Cione di Ravi, commemoration through food: obits celebrated by the Franciscan nuns of late medieval Strasbourg, and the knight and the merchant: familial commemorative strategy in the wake of the Flemish revolts about 1482-92.
Cubao became so commercialized that the Franciscan nuns of Stella Maris leased their beautiful frontage where another strip mall was built, to protect the school and its lovely garden from the increasingly polluted and public view.
Instead, they undergo formation in any of the numerous religious orders for women, some of which under the 'wing' of religious orders for men, such as the Benedictine or Franciscan nuns.
A pilot project will be carried out in the Convent of Santa Ines, a fourteenth-century convent for Franciscan nuns, to allow partial public use of the space.
He was particularly moved by the death of five Franciscan nuns, exiles from Germany who bore witness to their faith until the end.
kindergarten, managed by Franciscan Nuns, has been done with the partnership of
Post 5663 in Oxford and was an associate of the Franciscan Nuns. He was a member of St.
His views were echoed by two Franciscan nuns, also from Africa, a retired teacher from Canada, a doctor in Germany and a priest from the US.

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