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Noun1.Francisco Franco - Spanish general whose armies took control of Spain in 1939 and who ruled as a dictator until his death (1892-1975)Francisco Franco - Spanish general whose armies took control of Spain in 1939 and who ruled as a dictator until his death (1892-1975)
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NEWS 1936 Francisco Franco led an army revolt against the government, starting the Spanish Civil War.
The orchestra played a version of the Spanish hymn with a choir, singing lyrics adopted during the 1939-1975 authoritarian regime of Francisco Franco, but abolished after Spain's return to democracy.
A translation of Leval's study from 1975, this book describes the self-managed worker and peasant collectives established in Republican Spain during the struggle against Francisco Franco after the Frente Popular's victory in 1936.
Its candidates include former military officers who praise dictator Francisco Franco, who died in 1975.
In this case, the plan to dig up the embalmed body of General Francisco Franco, the fascist Spanish dictator, whose iron-fist rule out-ran the parallel terrors of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin to endure until 1975.
Spain's Socialist government aims to approve a decree next Friday ordering the removal of dictator Francisco Franco's remains from a grand mausoleum outside Madrid, a senior government official told Reuters on Monday.
Spanish politics, dominated since dictator Francisco Franco's death in 1975 by the Socialists and the conservative People's Party (PP), have become increasingly fragmented over the past years.
Then, Isabel Ferrer's activist group drops a bombshell: Francisco Franco's military dictatorship, which ruled Spain from 1939 to 1975, abducted thousands of babies from dissidents and put them up for adoption.
'To me, he is no Adolph Hitler of the old Germany; a Tojo of the old Japanese Empire; a Vladimir Illiych alias Lenin or Joseph Stalin of the erstwhile Soviet Union; a Juan Peron of Argentina; a Generalissimo Francisco Franco of Spain; a brutish Pol Pot of Cambodia; an Idi Amin of Uganda; Mammuar Qaddafi of Libya; a Saddam Hussein of Iraq; a Bashar al Assad of Syria; a Kim Jong Un of North Korea; or the ideological 'dictatorship of the proletariat' being strongly and zealously championed and propagated by some of his critics in this country who believe in Communism.'
Thousands of protesters gathered outside the Almudena Roman Catholic Cathedral in central Madrid on Thursday to demonstrate against any plans to bury the remains of former dictator Francisco Franco at the site, Reuters reports.