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Noun1.Francisco Goya - Spanish painter well known for his portraits and for his satires (1746-1828)Francisco Goya - Spanish painter well known for his portraits and for his satires (1746-1828)
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'As a result, he earned recognition in Spain, including the first prize at the Premio Moncada in 1957, followed by the Prix Francisco Goya the next year; first prize at the Pintura Sant Pol del Mar in 1961 and second prize at the Premio Vancell at the Fourth Biennial of Tarrasa in Barcelona in 1964.'
GREAT ART (ITV, regions vary) Francisco Goya is considered by some as the father of modern art.
The ballet "Goya" tells about famous Spanish painter Francisco Goya, who had a hard character, but a huge talent.
In Restoration , Thomas Crow combines a sweeping view of European art centers -- Rome, Paris, London, Madrid, Brussels, and Vienna -- with a close-up look at pivotal artists, including Antonio Canova, Jacques-Louis David, Theodore Gericault, Francisco Goya, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Thomas Lawrence, and forgotten but meteoric painters Francois-Joseph Navez and Antoine Jean-Baptiste Thomas.
Chediak likens such a scenario to Spanish artist Francisco Goya's famous work, "The Dog."
It makes sense, then, that two of his favorite artists were Francisco Goya and the social realist Kathe Kollwitz, both of whom produced significant bodies of printed work.
He also sees how Francisco Goya's Black Paintings drained colour from the world of light, views dazzling colour on a mass-produced scale with the Japanese woodblock prints of the 18th and 19th centuries and ends in Matisse's great chapel at Venice, where colour is used - against a backdrop of World War II - to enrapture, enlighten and as a path to god.
He was inspired by a number of other artists, such as El Greco, Francisco Goya and Emil Nolde.
Its makers are already thinking about their next project, which could be a horror film based on the disturbing canvases of Spanish painter Francisco Goya.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Oskar Kokoschka (March 1,1886), Piet Mondrian (March 7, 1872), Rosa Bonheur (March 16, 1822), John Frederick Kensett (March 22, 1816), Francisco Goya (March 30, 1746) and Vincent van Gogh (March 30, 1853).
One section of the show is dedicated to the entire set of 80 prints that Dali published in 1977 as a homage to Francisco Goya's Los Caprichos series from 1799, where he mocked the foibles of human beings and the superstitions and customs of the day.
It is among the highly treasured places because it enshrines some of the great artworks of people like Francisco Goya, Alonso Cano and Zurbarn who are known for their marvellous artworks.