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(Spanish θurβaˈran)
(Biography) Francisco de (franˈθisko de). 1598–1664, Spanish Baroque painter, esp of religious subjects


(ˌzʊər bɑˈrɑn, ˌsʊər-)

Francisco de, 1598–1663?, Spanish painter.
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Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, as depicted by Spanish artist Francisco Zurbaran. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)
Did something along these lines go through the mind of the investment fund manager, Jonathan Ruffer, when he decided to donate PS15m to save the set of paintings by the 17th Century Spanish master Francisco Zurbaran that hang in Auckland Castle?
Church of England officials last week insisted they have made no decision on selling 12 paintings by 17th-Century Spanish artist Francisco Zurbaran currently hanging in Auckland Castle, Durham, amid speculation the castle will also be sold.
The exact replicas of 16th century religious costumes, inspired by the paintings of Spanish artist Francisco Zurbaran, will be on show at Auckland Castle in Bishop Auckland, later in the year, with a possibility of more UK exhibitions later in the year.