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Noun1.Francisco Franco - Spanish general whose armies took control of Spain in 1939 and who ruled as a dictator until his death (1892-1975)Francisco Franco - Spanish general whose armies took control of Spain in 1939 and who ruled as a dictator until his death (1892-1975)
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Children from Farnley Tyas First School made burgers at Franco's in Almondbury, helped by restaurant boss Ben Franco, whose son Freddy goes to the school.
Franco's life after football has squarely been about promoting health in the community.
Both sides in the conflict - Franco's Nationalists and the Republicans of the leftist government he ousted - committed atrocities but under a 1977 amnesty, no war crimes trials were held.
Sundance might seem worlds away from the Sony hack and Hollywood intrigue, but "The Interview'' loomed large throughout the week and Franco's team was keenly aware.
The website goes on to claim speculations about James Franco's fake death.
It will also star Scott Haze, who was Franco's co-star in the 2013 film Child Of God.
Franco's name was put forward to the Embassy in London as a replacement for the then Vice Consul, who had died He became Italian Vice-Consul of Birmingham in 1967 and was awarded the Cavaliere Commendatore soon after.
The legal complaint alleges that Franco's film is infringing upon this famous novel, as it borrows the themes of childhood loneliness; adolescent self-consciousness, the failures, hypocrisy, and cruelty of adults and, in an unflinching depiction, the crude interest teenage boys take in sex.
JAMES Franco's former manager is being sued for allegedly stealing from the actor for eight years.
Franco's granddaughter Katie Stewart, a nurse, revealed the identity of the couple after seeing an article about the love note and flowers on Facebook.
Franco's intimate knowledge of the superhero pantheon almost makes him a personal friend to true superheroes such as Batwoman, The Thing and Captain Marvel.
While the weeks since the coup have seen a scramble to take over mid-level positions in the administration, with all political parties participating equally, some defining insights regarding Franco's personality and ambitions were evident alongside the purge of pro-Lugo officials.